I’m now A1-A3 certified in the EU as well as being licenced in the UK! I have produced aerial photography for a number of events and residential clients 🙂

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Where I Started

I have experimented with a couple of inexpensive drones, one without a brand from China and the Snaptain 7100, both of which I cannot recommend. The Snaptain, despite its numerous features, turned out to be a huge letdown. Its “smart” functionalities hardly worked, and it had significant issues with stability and satellite connectivity.

This prompted me to conduct some thorough research. Being aware of DJI’s renowned reputation, I naturally turned to them first. Since I preferred a lighter drone (the Snaptain weighed just over 500g), I decided to focus my research on the DJI Mini series.

After delving deep into Youtube for a few weeks, a neighbor and friend of mine purchased the DJI Mini 3 Pro (RC) by pure coincidence. Witnessing his experience with it, I was instantly captivated and knew it was the perfect choice for me.

I could have gone with a refurbished Mini 2 SE and still enjoyed a similar experience, but I opted for a new purchase to have the added security of DJI Care Refresh coverage, providing peace of mind in case anything were to go wrong.

Please feel free to email me – admin@rystok.co.uk

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